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Decorating Tips For Pet Owners

January 4, 2024

Are you moving into a new place soon? Getting new digs is a pretty big change, and one that will affect nearly every aspect of your life. It’s always great to settle in and enjoy your first nights in a new spot, especially once you have everything set up to your liking. Don’t forget about your furry friend as you’re decorating! A local Dumbo, Brooklyn NY vet discusses decorating with Fido and Fluffy in this article.


Keep your furry pal in mind when choosing fabrics and floor coverings. For upholstered chairs and sofas, opt for fabrics that don’t trap fur. Some good options are microfiber, leather, and vinyl. Couch covers and throw blankets can also help protect your furniture. Choose things that are easy to wash. You may also want to get seasonal sets, so you can rotate them out to keep things looking fresh. Use area rugs and runners to add color, provide your pets with traction, and protect floors and carpets from spills or stains.

Elevate Pet Storage

Fido and Fluffy actually collect quite a few things over the years. You may find that your dog suddenly has a whole box of toys and a cabinet full of treats. Consider designating a cabinet or piece of furniture for your furry pal’s things. This is a great way to upcycle an older piece! You may also want to get cute tins or canisters for your pet’s treats and medicine. If you want to keep waste baggies or pet wipes near the door, look for something attractive to stash them in, such as a fake plant.

A Word For Cat Owners:

Never underestimate Fluffy’s penchant for mischief! Anything small or fragile within paws’ reach will probably get knocked over. Kitties also sometimes like to jump on hanging shelves or plants. If you don’t have much room, give your cat vertical space. Cat towers and kitty shelves work well for this. You can also find hanging scratching posts.

Choose Pet-Safe Plants

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your Dumbo, Brooklyn NY animal clinic!

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