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COVID-19 Safety Protocols Here

Helping Every Animal With Love

We believe in doing ordinary things extraordinarily!

Love. Trust. Excellence.

We promote the platinum standards of service in our unique, patient-tailored veterinary care by focusing on holistic healing instead of only diseases. We treat our staff like family and your pets like we would treat our own.

Dog and Girl

A Belief in Love

We built HEAL because we had a vision to create a unique hospital experience. An experience where we focus on healing and not just treating. We believe in raising the standard of veterinary care for our community. We believe in treating every person and pet who walks through our doors like family. We work, every day, to make sure your pet stays happily by your side for as long as possible because we are animal lovers to our core and the bond that you share with your pet is truly precious. Your pet means the world to you and that means the world to us. So, give us a call and let us make a difference in your life.

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A Love Affair

A Love Affair

To you, your pet doesn’t just share a home with you. They are truly family. The laughs you share, the licks, the love… it’s all priceless. We understand what it’s like to love a pet so deeply. To feel so inextricably intertwined with an animal’s well-being, pain levels, and lifespan. To yearn to care in the deepest, best ways for your beloved companion. This is veterinary care, with love. Because your love affair is one we share.



To our doctors, veterinary medicine is not just a profession. It is their calling in life and we believe in providing exceptional veterinary care to every pet we see, on every visit. It’s what has led us to open HEAL where we can provide progressive, gold-standard medicine to the people and pets of this community.

A Deeper Purpose

A Deeper Purpose

We do the little things that create a fundamentally different experience for both you and your pet. Once you walk through our doors, you will be greeted warmly by a team who has been here and lived in this community for many years. This is a group of devoted animal lovers who happen to be exceptionally talented physicians, technicians, leaders, and caregivers. This team has built a culture where your pet always comes first. Where everything is done the right way and where excellence is the only standard. Because the promise we make is simple… we’ll love and care for your pet like our own.

Making a Difference

Dr. Dumas, who tended to my Rottweiler, is a very caring, highly competent veterinarian with exceptional diagnostic and surgical skills who thinks outside of the box. She goes the extra mile when caring for animals. Your pet is in great hands.


Dr. Atkinson is an extremely skilled and compassionate veterinarian. Long before in-home care was available, she made an in- home visit to check on my dog after he was discharged following a long hospital stay. It is clear that she loves animals and makes it a priority to provide outstanding and loving care. Because of her technical skills, she has been able to properly diagnose various conditions that my German Shepherd has had and prescribe affordable aftercare that improves his quality of life….as well as mine! She saved his life and now this dog that should have passed many years ago – is over 10 years old!

Virginia H.

I raise, show, and compete with my dogs, and to say it’s important to have quality medical care for them is an understatement. Having a rare breed with specific needs also adds another level of complication and stress when it comes to looking for a veterinarian. I met Dr. Atkinson right after a big cross-country move when my youngest puppy got sick and the amount of patience, understanding, and compassion she showed not only towards my puppy but also towards her overprotective and anxious owner made me a client for life. Since then, Dr. A has seen my entire menagerie and goes above and beyond to help me with my dogs every step of the way and made an effort to get to know each dog as an individual. My pack looks forward to seeing their favorite vet and “Who wants to see Dr. A?” Gets the same reaction in my house as if I asked if they wanted to go for a walk. It is such a good feeling to have total confidence in the care of my animals and know that they love Dr. Atkinson, too.

Sophia Pierce

Best vet ever! She loves animals and is very experienced and knowledgeable in what she does. Great bedside manner, too. My pets love her. If you want a doctor who truly cares about your pet and their well-being, Dr. A is definitely the one.


Dr. Kimberly has been the vet to my two rescue cats, Pepper and Sasha, for many years. I can’t express how happy I am with Dr. Kimberly. She has treated them in such a loving, professional, and caring manner. She is very knowledgeable and informative and I rely on her expertise.   When treating our fur babies, she has always kept their best interest in mind. My friends have thanked me profusely for recommending her.

Gail C.

I took my one-year-old Frenchie to HEAL for updated vaccinations and a minor skin irritation, and my pup and I had such a pleasant experience. The staff I interacted with was very professional and you could tell how much they love animals. Dr. Dumas examined my pup and determined he has seasonal allergies. She answered all of my questions and explained everything so clearly to me and also gave me multiple options for treatment. Overall, I feel very comfortable and confident with the treatment my pup received and am making HEAL and Dr. Dumas my pup’s designated vet.

Tiffany Martinez

We have nothing but amazing things to say about Dr. Kimberly Atkinson. She’s treated our two dogs, both Labradoodles, with various health issues. She is incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and kind. Our dogs seem to love her just as much as we do. I’ve recommended her to friends and coworkers who live in the city with pets. You can’t go wrong here.

Laura Haskin

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